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Owner Zach LaMotte has a wealth of musical experience ranging from live shows to recorded albums and everything in between. As a graduate of the Chicago School for Piano Technology, as well as a Registered Piano Technician, Zach has worked closely with a number of ensembles for many years. Whether you need a standard tuning, a pitch raise, or just want to be sure your piano is in top shape, Middle C Piano Tuning has the skill and experience needed to get you back on the keys and sounding your best!

A few of our most popular choices


Standard Tuning

For pianos that have maintained a tuning schedule of at least 1-2x per year.
1h 25m — $205.00

Standard Tuning & Pitch Raise

For pianos that have not been serviced in over a year, have recently been moved, or reside in less than stellar climate conditions.
2h 10m — $245.00

Grand Soundboard Cleaning

Service includes: soundboard cleaning, wiping down the plate, and cleaning in between the tuning pins. Recommended every 2-3 years.
1h — $105.00

Not sure what your piano needs? That's ok too.

We’ll come out, tune it up and let you know what might be needed down the road to keep your piano making beautiful music for years to come. Each visit includes 10-15 minutes of FREE maintenance/repairs.

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Top ten reasons to tune your piano

You never know when a famous concert pianist will drop by.
Your annual family sing-along is coming up soon.
It’s either that or buy your child the drum set they've always wanted.
Each key is supposed to play a different note (and only one note).
A well-tuned piano promotes harmony.
You can use your piano for more than a photo display.
Piano tuners are excellent company.
You will make your piano teacher very happy.
Pianos need love, too.
And the number one reason to tune your piano....
Your children will grow up to be wealthy musicians and support you in your old age.

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