Standard Tuning

For pianos that have maintained a tuning schedule of at least 1-2x per year.
1h 25m — $205.00

Standard Tuning & Pitch Raise

For pianos that have not been serviced in over a year, have recently been moved, or reside in less than stellar climate conditions.
2h 10m — $245.00

Full Service with Cleaning

For pianos that are in good overall condition, but need a refresh. Service includes: Tuning, Pitch Raise, Minor Regulation, and Cleaning.
4h — $425.00

Grand Soundboard Cleaning

Service includes: soundboard cleaning, wiping down the plate, and cleaning in between the tuning pins. Recommended every 2-3 years.
1h — $105.00

Evaluation for Purchase

Choose this option if you want to avoid an expensive mistake. We frequently visit pianos that have already been purchased but either cannot be fixed at a reasonable cost or at all. If you found a piano on the internet or plan to purchase from a friend, book this service before making a final decision. Service includes: checking all major systems to ensure that you will have a working instrument.
1h 30m — $185.00


Choose this option if you require an appraisal for insurance purposes (pre and post-damage) or for future sales. This service includes: a detailed report for your piano (pictures, values, etc.), but can vary based on your needs. Please note, selecting this option requires a phone conversation, and our office will contact you directly to discuss the options.
4h — $425.00

New Client or First Time Service

Choose this option when you're not sure where to start. Best for pianos that have an unknown service record which may require extra repairs like sticky keys, squeaks, loose parts, etc. Service includes: Tuning, Pitch Raise, and additional time to make sure the piano is ready to play upon completion.
3h 10m — $350.00

Not sure what your piano needs? That's ok too.

We’ll come out, tune it up and let you know what might be needed down the road to keep your piano making beautiful music for years to come. Each visit includes 10-15 minutes of FREE maintenance/repairs.